Thursday, March 6

Let's Stave off the Boredom, Shall we?

Wow. So I have been at work for all of 28 minutes and I am completely caught up with everything that I need done. *sigh* I wish my boss were her so I could ask her to leave.

One of my coworkers is going to do the Escape from Alcatraz Triathalon. All, I can say is, Holy Crap dude! (View his blog here.)

Jokingly he said I should do it. I seriously hope he was joking. I mean, yes, I have lost 55 lbs since September (20 more to go!!) and I am sure that I look much better now, but let me tell you...I have flab. I am soooooo not toned. Endurance? Um, no. My idea of good exercise is getting on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and going up to maybe, MAYBE, 5 mph. Maybe. and lifting some dumbells for 5 minutes at the beginning. All this so I can eat more calories!

The Escape From Alcatraz Triathalon is a mile and a half swim in San Francisco Bay. You jump off a perfectly good ferry into the (sometime) shark infested waters. Once back on land, its a half mile run to the first transition point.

From there you hop on your bike and ride for 18 miles. 18 MILES! You have got to be kidding me. After that (good lord isn't it enough already?), it is an 8 mile run. If that wasn't bad enough, there is what is called the Sand Ladder toward the end. It is 400 steps straight up the side of a fucking cliff. How in the hell can anyone do that? All I can say is good luck, Perry!

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Pamela said...

Best of luck to your co-worker! I personally think he's insane! :o)
I'm really enjoying reading your site!