Saturday, March 8


My name is Andy and I have a problem. I love to gamble. (they say the first step is admitting your addiction, right?)

So we were off to Tulalip Casino tonight to try our luck (no skill involved with pushing a button). It was touch and go there for a while, but I doubled my money. At that point I managed to tear myself away from the machine and leave that damn place. Sometimes it feels just too easy when I win. I feel like I am stealing money. Of course, sometimes it feels like I have been anally raped without lube too. I guess it goes both ways.

Apparently someone else had a little addiction problem when we were gone (and no, I am not talking about Marlena and her toilet paper, which she did get by the way). These are the emails we got while we were gone:

"Ang to me
8:37 PM

Look out your window and call us."

Hmm, interesting...

"Ang to me, Suzanne
9:42 PM

OK, you totally missed it. We're sitting in the front room with Cindy, chatting, when 2 cars pull into the culp-de-sac. One pulls in front of Ron's the other blocks the road by parking between your car and Suzanne.

Sure enough, 2nd car is unmarked cop car, and proceeds to cuff driver of 1st car. They hang out for a while, searching the car, using their flashlights... After about 20 minutes, they knock on Ron's door, the arrested guy apparently hands over his keys to Ron (or other occupant) and the cops take him away.

No flashing lights, no big fuss, but definitely a big issue. No one was watching except us nosey neighbors."

ARRGG!! Every time there is police activity in the Sac, we miss it! Damn!!!

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