Tuesday, March 11


I was just outside having a smoke while I was at work. We has this small smoking area in a corner of where our two buildings join together. It has been recently fenched off with a chain link fence and gate. (This doesn't really matter to the story, I am just setting a scene.)

So, there I stand, reading an article on my iPhone (interesting article on Salon.com about a new book where the author studies Chinese food and its Americanization.) I hear this squeaking noise. I look around, see nothing and figure that its just the wind rubbing something up against a chair. I heard the sound again. I turn around. A rat is standing opposite me...screaming at me. Well, not screaming, but squeaking. Loudly. He looks at me and runs into his little hole. I let out a little "AAhh!", becasue that is what you are supposed to do when you see a rat, right?

When I came inside I emailed our maintenece guy who has quite the vendetta against the rats lately. Hopefully he will hunt down the cute, squirmy little bastard.


lutefisk said...

damn rats!....we have some at our work too and I've been told they're as big as possums. eeeks!

Andy said...

mmmmm....Love lutefisk! I haven't had any in a couple years.