Wednesday, March 5

The Looooove Boat

Four years ago when we were looking at houses we found this house in West Seattle. It wasn't easy. I think that the Real Estate agent that had listed this house had, 1) never been here, 2) never set foot in West Seattle and 3) was an idiot. The directions were terrible. We were driving around for about an hour and fifteen minutes and finally, on our way home, we found the street that led to our cul de sac. Completely lucky! 

We pulled up and the owner of the house was here doing some touch ups. This was his parents house and his mother had recently passed away, so he was prepping some things for the house to be on the market. I think that it was just listed that day. We park, get out of the car and look around. The house is situated on the side of the cul de sac and is one of 8 houses that were built in the 1950s.

We step into the house and out of the year 2003. Starburst Clock! Shag Carpet! (OLIVE!!) Gold Appliances! More Shag Carpet! (ORANGE!!!!) Metallic Wallpaper! Giant Woman Head! (part of a smoking billboard in the garage)  

Fan-Fucking-Tastic. We placed an offer on the house within the next 2 days. (Dude! There were hardwood floors under that shag carpet that had not seen the light of day since Woodstock.)

As we are getting the house inspected we are chatting up the inspector. 

"Did you guys ever watch the Love Boat?"

Steve and I look at each other. What the hell was this guy talking about? "Yeah. All the time"

He points to the yellow house which is clearly visible from our front yard. "You remember Julie McCoy? The Cruise Director? Yeah, she lives right there."

Incredulous. "Yeah!?" Skeptical. I mean its a nice neighborhood and all, but lets face it, the ghetto is like 3 blocks away.

"Yeah. I did the inspection on that house. It came up in conversation that she was on the Love Boat."

"Please tell us the house is OK!"

We moved in a month later. It turns out that we were the first people in the neighborhood to know that Cindy was actually Lauren Tewes. Julie Freaking McCoy! KICK ASS!!

So over four years later we are all very close in the neighborhood. Get togethers, pot lucks, summer parties, drinks on the lawn, etcetera etcetera.

Tuesday, the first season of the Love Boat came out on DVD. Cindy had been in LA since Monday doing some press for the new release. She had just gotten back and popped over to our house with a copy of the DVD. She received quite a few copies in the mail. Cool! Now these women on American Idol need to hurry up and sing so we can immerse ourselves in the 70s! 

Loooooove, exciting and new.
Come aboard, we're expecting you.
The Loooooooove Boat!

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