Friday, March 14

Dr. Gas and Smoke

Since September we have been dieting. Well, dieting is the wrong word. Its more fo a lifestyle change.

This all started when Steve's crazy mother decided to tell us we were too fat (which we already knew). However crazy she may be, she know what motivates us. She offered us $20 a pound for every pound we lost. What? Money? Sure, I will stop eating!

In looking for a tool to assist us in our change, I was led via Google to We have both been impressed with the results we have had.

At this point she owes me over a thousand dollars, but I am not convinced I will ever see it. No matter, I am getting thin and healthy!

We have also tried to quit smoking. It lasted about a month. I was using Chantix, and after about a month, I didn't like the way it made me feel to I got off of it. I started smoking again, but not as much as before.

So, yesterday I go into the smoke shop we frequent (Gas and Smoke Depot) to buy a pack of cigarettes. Now, we have been going to this place for about 4, wait, almost 5 years now. The guys that own/run the place are a couple of nice Korean gentlemen. There is an older guy and a younger one. The younger one is horny. He constantly showed us pictures on his phone of half naked women, naked women, scantily clad women, the whole she-bang (pun intended). He gave us many lighters with half naked women on them. Ew.

Finally one day he asks why I don't have a girlfirend?

"Are you gay?" Joking

"Why yes, actually" HAH!

"Oh. Uuhhh..." Speachless"

I grab my change and go. Jeez, took him long enough.

So yesterday I go in and the older Korean Guy is working. I haven't seen him in a while and he says, Wow! you have lost a lot of weight!

"Yeah, about 50 pounds. I have less than 20 to go."

"No." Looking at me. "Don't loose any more."

Umm...excuse me? "I think that will be good." Refraining from saying "You haven't seen me naked." (trust me, its there to loose)

"No. No. Too thin. You will loose too much."

Ugh. "Well, my Doctor says that will be the right weight for me."

He is still shaking his head unapprovingly. I grab my smokes and leave.

In all fairness, he has only known me as a very overweight guy, and after loosing 50+ pounds, you will look thinner, amazingly so and it might be shocking, and I will probably look that much better. But 20 more pounds, and I will be set. And will look better too.

Did this guy get his doctorate at Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?

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